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Hjh Roselina Hussein has changed the whole scenario of early childhood education in Malayisa when her idea of integrating the Islamic beliefs and values in 1993 has in turn been adopted and copied by many schools but the uniqueness of Nuh s ark Islamic Montessori remains with its true spirit of Islam and Montessori in practice. Hjh Roselina Hussein has founded Islamic Montessori in Malaysia in 1993 and bravely introduced Montessori Method of learning to Malay community in Malaysia where it is now widely recognized and well accepted as a prime choice in early learning. An Architecture graduate but obtained Diploma in Nursery Teaching from London Montessori Centre, London under the wings of Ms Leslie Britton. She has also gained training of trainer’s certification from MCRI, an affiliation of MWEI U.S.A. She has over 20 years experience in early childhood education and is a trainer and coach to many in its field. As a director of Nuh’s Ark Islamic Montessori School, she has taken it a step further in making it a Quranic and Nature-based learning with a strong belief that “a natural and sustainable environment is vital for an optimal learning process”.