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Mindful of Al Quran ….

Aged  from  7  to 17 years.

School  Hours

Mondays to Fridays   9.00 am to 3.30 pm


 “He who recites the Quran and learns it, and then act upon it, he will be made to wear on the Day of Resurrection a crown of Nur (light), which will be radiant as the sun.

And his parents will be dressed with two suits, which the whole world cannot match. So they will ask: For what have we been dressed like this? It will be said: this is the reward of your son’s acquiring Quran.”

[Mustadrak hakim]

The Glorious Quran is the Book of Guidance,the actual Word of The Creator of the Heavens and the Earths, a message to the entire mankind and the source of success in this world and the hereafter.

Hifz is an essential way of making the Qur’an penetrates you. It is not a mechanical ritual rather an act of high spiritual and devotional importance. Through hifz one can read in prayers and ponder its meaning. It makes the Qur’an flow on your tongue, reside in your mind, dwell in your heart, and it becomes your constant companion.

We have designed a unique approach to the Qur’an in a Montessori based learning that is interactive and hands-on. Children have found this more interesting and easily comprehensible.

Memorization of part or whole Quran is not the aim but a mean in understanding the message behind it in order to practice the complete Deen and convey it to others solely for the pleasure of Allah lilahi ta’alla.

We combine the methods of Tadarrus. Tahfiz. Tafseer .Tadabbur. Tasmi’. Ta’leem to provide a more meaningful learning.

Our programs includes the application of Sunnah in daily life,strengthening of Aqeedah, knowledge and application of Fardhu Ain, Hadeeth with verbal communication in  English and Arabic. It is also supported by extracurricular activities like swimming, archery, mukhayyam, qiyamullail, boot-camp exploratory science,creative arts and excursions.

 Nuh’s Ark nurtures the nature in your child.