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First step towards nurturing Independence….

Aged  from  2  to 4 years.

School  Hours

Mondays to Thursdays      9.00 am to 11.30am

Fridays                             9.00 am to 11.00am


‘Help me to do myself’……Maria Montessori


Children are little individuals who have an innate desire to take care of their own needs. Our role is to help them to do their daily tasks by themselves and allowing them the freedom to develop independence at their own pace. This can only be done by allowing them to engage in real purposeful activities in a well prepared environment.

Our toddler’s area is designed to provide a lot of opportunities for gross motor development and fine motor exercises for hand-eye coordination. .Children are taught to take care of themselves and the environment from an early age and that is the basis of our foundation learning.

They are in touch with real experiences with real tools for real purposeful activities that stimulate their senses, enrich their vocabulary and understanding of language to develop their sense of worth, self-esteem and confidence. Grace and courtesy and Islamic adabs are practiced daily to help toddlers learn to share and be considerate of others.

Nuh’s Ark nurtures the nature in your child.